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The Best Possible Way to Train at Home

The Best Possible Way to Train at Home

Obviously, home workouts are all the rage right now because of this lockdown, and I’m a firm believer in doing something is better than doing nothing but I’m seeing all over social media at the moment people putting up home workouts and training routines and there’s nothing wrong with that you can still get results for your body composition goals. But there’s a right way to do it and there’s also the wrong way.

Here are a few things to prioritize when training at home with minimal to no equipment.

  • Prioritize resistance training

You should prioritize resistance training even in the gym, but all I’m seeing from these home workouts is a whole lot of core and conditioning circuits. Stick with what gets results and that’s overcoming resistance that then builds muscle.

  • Base your program of basic movement patterns (Squat, Lunge, Hinge, Push, Pull, Rotate)

Our basic movement patterns are what we can do pretty much anywhere, yes you will have to get creative with it but it still works. Following your basic movement patterns also gets us doing full-body sessions, which is ideal right now.

  • Use a variety of rep ranges (4-6, 8-12, 15-25)

Using a variety of rep ranges isn’t only good for variety in your home workouts but also to get a different training stimulus. There’s no best set/rep scheme for every goal but here are some principles that work:

Strength 1-6 reps

Hypertrophy 8-12 reps

Strength/Muscular Endurance 15-25 reps

  • Start incorporating Tempo into your workouts

Tempo can make any exercise go from easy to hard as fuck! Tempo simply means ‘Time Under Tension’ so how long a lift is performed eccentrically, or the lowering phase of a lift. Tempo can be performed to any exercise and is great for developing connective tissue, improving control of lifts and hypertrophy.

  • Have shorter, more frequent sessions

With limited amounts of equipment on hand, the loads of what you will be lifting will be minimal, so shorter rest periods will be applied for home workouts and sessions will consist of more lactic build-up (the pump) compared to taxing your nervous system which takes longer recovery.

  • Make it enjoyable for yourself

The easiest thing to say about this is if you enjoy it you will have the motivation to do it and you will also stick to it for longer. Right now in this uncertain time, it’s hard to have a routine and stick to anything, so at least give yourself a fighting chance with your workouts by making them fun.

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