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The Top 10 Tips to have you Sleeping Like a Baby

The Top 10 Tips to have you Sleeping Like a Baby

When I first sit down with a new client the first few things I address are training, nutrition, lifestyle and sleep. I believe these 4 things are the key to anybody composition result no matter how big or small.

Sleep is often the most overlooked foundation because people don’t see it as a priority and think if their training and nutrition is spot on that their body composition goals will come. I can tell you right now this is wrong!

Rest, recovery and in particular sleep quality is just as important on your overall health, wellbeing and body composition results.

Here are my top 10 best sleep practices:

  1. Have a nightly sleep routine that calms you down before bed. So things like stretching, meditating and reading. 
  2. Aim to go to bed, and get up at the same time every day.
  3. No screens 2 hours before bed, so no TV, laptops, mobile phones
  4. Make the room as dark as possible
  5. Get at least 1-hour exposure to natural sunlight throughout the day 
  6. Take a magnesium supplement (I recommend BioCeuticals Muscleze Night)
  7. Limit caffeine intake after 3 pm (NOTE: nothing better than a coffee with dinner though)
  8. Take up regular exercise so anything from resistance training, swimming, walking, and kayaking. Anything you enjoy and you will stick to.
  9. Use an app called sleep cycle, it allows you to gather data to regulate your sleeping patterns and wakes you up during light sleep.
  10. Regulate stress throughout the day. We all know there is nothing worse than getting into bed and your mind running wild soon as you lay down.

Now you don’t have to use all 10 of these, implement 2-3 and see what works, then add more when you see fit. Modify things as you go and figure what works for you. I hope this can help to improve sleep and then, in turn, improve your body composition goals.

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