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If you’re reading this page, there’s a good chance you want to come under my wing and let me coach you into the best shape of your life.

Congratulations. You’re in the right place.

Over the last 8 years, I’ve helped 100s of women & men transform their bodies, get stronger and rebuild their body confidence.

No matter how guilty you feel right now, I want to help!

You’re about to set up all the right conditions to transform your body and mindset into something you’ve dreamed of for a long time.

All you need to do is book in for a FREE strategy execution appointment and we will mutually agree whether, or not my coaching program is right for you.

Coach Taran

Our Coaching is for:

  • Women & Men who want to fall back in love with their bodies.
  • Women & Men who want to grow more confident.
  • Women & Men who understand the value of accountability and professional coaching.

Our Coaching is not for:

  • Women & Men who don’t commit and see things through.
  • Women & Men who think they know it all and aren’t coachable
  • Women & Men who are looking for a quick fix

Fall Back In Love With Your Body @ Complete Health & Performance

I’ve helped 100’s of Men & Women fall back in love with their bodies, by prioritizing their health and putting themselves first.


 By coaching them, supporting them and keeping them accountable. 

We do this by focusing on our 4 Key Principles:

1. Training

2. Nutrition

3. Lifestlye

4. Mindset

Book an Appointment below to find out if i can help you on your health & fitness journey.

“Stop being afraid of What Could Go Wrong And Start Being Excited About What Could Go Right”

Here's What Our Clients Are Saying...

"Ever since I began training with Complete Health and Performance, Taran has allowed me to rediscover my enjoyment of staying fit and healthy and has helped me establish realistic goals that allow me to continue to live a healthy life. Taran’s approach to nutrition and training has really taught me a lot and allowed me to skip past the myths and fads that I once always fell for. Now I feel fit and healthy with a clear direction on how to help maintain my health all year round."
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd regain my health, strength, and fitness. Thanks to Coach Taran he has made this all possible
Complete Health and Performance is a boutique gym focused on you as an individual. Taran and Chris have immense knowledge of both nutrition and fitness and are both passionate to help each and every person in a way that best suits them. They provide small classes which allow for personal guidance and they are more than happy to change programs to suit you through rehabilitation and recovery. The intense 45-minute classes get the most out of you and Taran and Chris are both very encouraging and excellent motivators. Each day they push you to train at your absolute best. They are both extremely professional and approachable. I would highly recommend Complete Health & Performance to everyone, any age or ability.
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd regain my health, strength, and fitness. Thanks to Coach TTaran is a knowledgeable trainer and is able to push you when you need it. He will give you honest advice about training, nutrition, and looking after yourself outside of the gym. He really cares about his clients aran he has made this all possible
Before starting at Complete Health & Performance I was struggling physically and mentally. I had unhealthy eating patterns and was pushing myself doing crazy cardio sessions but still no results. Little did I know, the team at CHP was going to set me on the right pathway. Once my nutrition and exercise habits were improved, the results were amazing. My confidence and self-esteem have improved along with my fitness journey.

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